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Zaist Construction Management

About ZCM

In 1997 ZCM was established as Zaist Construction Management (ZCM) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Prior to this date, Stan Zaist, the founder, had a career managing the design and construction of major projects around the world. Projects included hospitals, university facilities, manufacturing plants, mining facilities and housing.

Stan returned to his home in Jackson Hole in 1996 and settled into the valley with his family. ZCM was then established with a goal to apply the extensive experience he had gained worldwide and apply it successfully, to local construction projects. 1997 marked the beginning of expansion at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR). It was then that ZCM started an ongoing relationship managing projects at the resort.

ZCM has continued to grow, building off the base line with JHMR & expanding their list of clients and projects. The company maintains a staff of construction professionals dedicated to delivering quality services on projects in Jackson Hole and the surrounding region.

ZCM operates as ZCM Inc. with Stan Zaist and Duane Nardi, P.E. as partners. This positions ZCM Inc. to continue the tradition of executing high quality projects.